PhenoMeNal (Phenome and Metabolome aNalysis) is a comprehensive and standardised e-infrastructure that supports the data processing and analysis pipelines for molecular phenotype data generated by metabolomics applications.
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App Library
Application Library (service catalogue) listing open source tools currently available through the PhenoMeNal Cloud Research Environment (CRE).

Cloud Research Environment
Deploy your own Cloud Research Environment (CRE) for Metabolomics data analysis on private and public cloud providers.
PhenoMeNal Galaxy Installation
Access all our available tools through an open Galaxy workflow installation which runs on an scalable infrastructure provided by PhenoMeNal partners.
User Support
Our online training page offers tutorials on PhenoMeNal Cloud Research Environment deployment, workflow creation and tools usage.

14 participants across the UK and Europe.
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Latest News

Future of Metabolomics in ELIXIR – 25th April 2017

The PhenoMeNal project, ELIXIR-NL and ELIXIR-DE organised a strategic workshop on the “Future of Metabolomics in ELIXIR” on 25th April in Frankfurt, Germany. The one-day workshop discussed the metabolomics resources and services available through some of the ELIXIR nodes and developed a number of ELIXIR use cases for metabolomics and their alignments with the ELIXIR platforms.…

CloudMET 2017

The PhenoMeNal project in collaboration with the Universities of Cagliari, Jena and Cambridge are organizing the “Scientific School on Cloud-based Metabolomics Data Analysis and Collaboration” , to be held in CRS4’s research campus in [Pula, Sardinia, Italy] on September 11th-15th, 2017.  The School will offer participants an opportunity to learn about current topics in metabolomics, with…

Cloud Computing in Life Sciences

Data management and analysis is often cumbersome and requires investment of lot of time by researchers. Cloud computing has opened up new avenues and offers solutions for these challenges. Ola Spjuth,  Associate Professor at Uppsala University, in his presentation "The case for cloud computing in Life Sciences" talks about the ongoing work in his laboratory…