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PhenoMeNal – Systems Biology Work Group

Metabolomics is a key source of experimental information to understand the functional processes ongoing in cells and  as such is central to Systems BiologyThe “PhenoMeNal Systems Biology groupinvolves PhenoMeNal and the Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology and will work towards  exploring the state-of-the-art and perspective of metabolomics in systems biology. The group will essentially focus on the different aspects of the relationship between the discipline of systems biology (SB) and metabolomics:

  • Metabolomics data can be used to inform systems modelling, which is a core aspect of SB.
  • Systems-level view of cell functioning should provide a framework to understand the metabolic response of the organism under investigation to stimuli

PhenoMeNal – Clinicians Work Group

This group includes member of the consortium and  clinical metabolomics practitioners and is established to contribute views and suggestions on the kind and/or specifics of computational services needed to support the transition of metabolomics from clinical research towards clinical practice. The members will work together to identify  the needs of the clinicians from metabolomics point of view and advise on functions required in PhenoMeNal tools and workflows by clinical users.