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PhenoMeNal aims to isolate bioinformatics tools as micro services through the use of Docker containers. If you haven’t used Docker containers in the past, the official Docker guide is an excellent starting point.

Building Docker containers requires the use of so called Dockerfiles. They contain a list of commands needed for installing the application with all of its dependencies. Usually only a few rules are needed in a Dockerfile to get a given application to build and configure successfully. The instructions on which commands can be used can be found in Dockerfile reference or in the official PhenoMeNal github repository.

In order to make your ‘containerised’ application available in PhenoMeNal, you should add your Dockerfile with the required accompanying files (as few as possible, try to fetch files from a github repository instead) to our PhenoMeNal github repository. You can also ask someone who can to fork it to the PhenoMeNal github repository and register it with the PhenoMeNal Jenkins Continuous Integration Server. As a result, your Docker container image should be available through our docker registry “automagically”. Click here to read more:

Author: Kristian Peters

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