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In June 2016, the PhenoMeNal project held its first annual consortium meeting, as well as convening meetings for potential stakeholders of the PhenoMeNal e-infrastructure, and for the project’s Scientific Advisory Board. The meetings were held over three days on the historic Dodecanese island of Rhodes, Greece.

The meetings were extremely productive, and it was great to have a broad range of stakeholders attending that included representatives from on the research-side from the Wageningen University, the US NIH, the European Open Science Cloud, MetaSpace project, and the National Phenome Centre at Imperial College, and from the industry-side from The Hyve, Bruker, Metabolomics Discoveries and Biocrates. Their feedback and perspectives on how metabolomics data needs to be managed and analysed was extremely valuable and we hope to keep them engaged as the PhenoMeNal project progresses into its second year.

The project’s Scientific Advisory Board also gave plenty of valuable feedback and a critical eye on progress so far. One of the biggest takeaways was the need to be able to quantify progress in the project – and this is something that we as a project are working hard on doing, with making our ongoing progress more transparent in both dissemination activities and also through our public Pivotal task tracker.

The consortium working meeting on our third day in Rhodes gave us an opportunity to refresh our thoughts and re-engage across workpackages and across institutions. In particular we made plenty of headway on brainstorming what the PhenoMeNal Virtual Research Environment will actually look like for users, as well as having a deep dive into the great work on how the cloud infrastructure in evolving under the hood. There were also in-depth discussions on the long-term sustainability of the PhenoMeNal infrastructure, ethics, legal, and social issues, as well as community adoption.

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