PhenoMeNal at the West-Life/iNEXT Strategy Forum

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PhenoMeNal is participating as one of the panelists at the  West-Life/iNEXT Strategy Forum that will be held on the occasion of the INSTRUCT biennial conference, on May 24th 2017. The event will be an opportunity to discuss topics such as the assessment of the services offered by current physical and electronic research infrastructures (RIs), the corresponding awareness by the target communities and the scientific community at large, existing/viable options for integrated offers, as well as training of users and of infrastructure operators. Overall, the aim of this Forum is to develop ideas to enhance the visibility of RIs and foster their usage, by attracting new user communities and enhancing exploitation.
The event is co-organized by the West-Life (e-infrastructure for structural biology) and iNEXT (a project providing transnational access to structural biology technologies). Confirmed participants, in addition to PhenoMeNal, are ECRIN, ELIXIR, EuOpenScreen, INFRAFRONTIER, INSTRUCT, ISBE, and the EDISON H2020 project.

Author: Antonio Rosato

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