PhenoMeNal now operational

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The PhenoMeNal project is developing a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) also known as the Cloud Research Environment (CRE) for interoperable and scalable metabolomics data analysis. It is designed as a microservice architecture with services being implemented as virtual machines and Docker containers, orchestrated using Kubernetes. The main workflow system in PhenoMeNal is Galaxy, which also comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for graphical workflow authoring and execution. VREs are preferably launched using the PhenoMeNal Portal, include example workflows, and are built to run on your local computer (laptop, workstation, server) as well as with the major public cloud providers (e.g. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services) and academic computing centra (OpenStack). A substantial outcome has been the development of an infrastructure with continuous integration and testing, to ensure a stable and robust system. PhenoMeNal is in proto-operational mode with over 150 tools, see the release plans for more information.

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