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Date: Wednesday 25 October 201716:00 –  17:00 (Europe/London)


PhenoMeNal aims to bridge the gap between cloud computing and metabolomics researchers by providing the ability to create Cloud Research Environments (CRE) for metabolomics data analysis. A PhenoMeNal CRE is a small cluster of computers with popular metabolomics data analysis tools already installed. These tools are ready to be run and are accessible through a user friendly Galaxy workflow environment reducing the need for in-house bioinformatics. In this webinar (part of the EMBL-EBI training webinar series), Pablo Moreno (EMBL-EBI) will explain the main components of PhenoMeNal including demonstrations on how to register, access existing tools and workflows, create a new PhenoMeNal CRE on Amazon, and execute a workflow on a PhenoMeNal CRE.

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