Virtual Research Community – User Experience design workshop

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Virtual Research Community –  User Experience design workshop

Venue: EMBL-EBI; Organiser: EMBL-EBI; Date: 19th November 2015

Workshop Synopsis:

The PhenoMeNal Virtual Research Environment (VRE), aka. Virtual Research Community (VRC) will be the central access point for all users. This is the online portal enabling user interactions, virtual machine distribution, access to compute resources and information exchange. Users can search for existing public datasets and perform online analysis. The User Experience (UX) workshop was arranged to ensure a user centric design and usability of the VRC. Well-established UX design principles like creating personas, experience mapping, storyboarding, card-sorting and poker prioritisation were used to ensure that the design is intuitive and users know how to interact with the VRC.

Target Audience: Potential VRC users from the community.

Workshop Objectives:

The workshop was focussed on finding answers to some pressing questions addressed through this User Experience workshop (UX) and will eventually help setting up a user focused PhenoMeNal Virtual Research Community (VRC). The key questions identified were:

  • Identify all users and the differences between them
  • Identifying major users
  • Gain an understanding of their current practices and workflow
  • Identify the services they use

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