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One of the main routes to mzML-formatted data is using Open Source converter msconvert. It can convert to mzML from most of the vendor formats. In PhenoMeNal, we have now succeeded to package msconvert in a Docker container and execute it in the WINE environment (“Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS…
We are pleased to announce the availability of our phenomenal docker registry at This is of course intended for machines, so this is where you point your docker command line to retrieve a docker image. This registry holds all the docker images built through our continuous integration server at So for instance, to pull the…
You can now access the galaxy installation of workflow4metabolomics, just click on Have fun!
Our CI Jenkins server is running now at the EBI Embassy Cloud, and it is accessible at If you are participating in the project and require access to the continuos integration server, please click on "Sign Up" link at the uppermost right corner of the initial Jenkins page.
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