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The PhenoMeNal webinars are freely accessible and are focussed on the services provided by the PhenoMeNal infrastructure.

Metabolomics in Systems Biology

Presenter – Antonio Rossato

In this webinar we provide an overview of system biology approaches, such as network analysis, metabolic modelling, and to discuss how these methods have been successfully deployed in metabolomics studies. Some methods are available via the PhenoMeNal e-infrastructure, such as fluxomics analysis via the Iso2Flux tool.

Metabolomics data in the context of metabolic networks: closing the loop in the workflow

Presenter – Fabien Jourdan (INRA)

In this webinar, we discuss how metabolic networks are built, how we can model them into mathematical formalism (graph) and how we can use these graphs to provide biochemical insight on metabolic fingerprints.

Metabolomics data analysis in the Cloud: live online training series

This training module includes a series of webinars on how use PhenoMeNal, its tools, workflows, MetaboLights database and data standards.

Getting started with PhenoMeNal

Presenter – Luca Pireddu (CRS4)

In this webinar we will show how to use the PhenoMeNal portal to deploy your own private PhenoMeNal instance on cloud computing resources.

Statistical Workflows in PhenoMeNal

Presenter – Etienne Thévenot (CEA)

In this webinar we will see how to build a statistical workflow within the user-friendly Galaxy environment, including: normalization (signal drift and batch effect), quality control, univariate hypothesis testing, multivariate modelling with (Orthogonal) Partial Least Squares, and feature selection (with Partial Least Squares, Random Forest and Support Vector Machines).


Challenges and Opportunities with Virtual Research Environments

PresenterOla Spjuth (UU)

This webinar presents the challenges and opportunities with using VREs for data analysis.


Prepare EU GDPR compliance in e-infrasttucture processing sensitive personal data

Presenter – Gauthier Chassang (INSERM)

Gauthier Chassang is a lawyer in International and European law specialised in the field of scientific research involving human beings and the use of biological samples. Working at the INSERM UMR1027/US13 he is part of the French National Node of BBMRI-ERIC, the BIOBANQUES Infrastructure established in Paris. His main fields of expertise and counselling relates to human rights protection in scientific research, such as privacy and data protection in the development of biobanking and new health-related technologies such as whole genome sequencing, synthetic biology and e-health.

This webinar was part of the Ethical legal and Social Implications (ELSI) workshop that was hosted in February 2018 and focusses on the essential legal definitions of the GDPR, the new approach being taken, the role of the Data Controller  and the Data Processor, Individual rights and sanctions if the process was not followed.


Metabolomics in the cloud: Scaling Computational Tools to Big Data

Presenter – Tim Ebbles (ICL)

This webinar shows how a typical analysis may benefit from up-scaling to a cloud solution, using a conventional NMR tool, BATMAN and examines how it performs on differing levels of compute resources.


LC/MS data analysis with XCMS and MetFrag on PhenoMeNal

Presenter – Steffen Neumann (IPB, Halle)

This webinar briefly introduces the MetFrag system and then focusses on using MetFrag in Galaxy as part of the PhenoMeNal infrastructure.


PhenoMeNal: Metabolomics data analysis in the cloud

Presenter – Pablo Moreno (EMBL-EBI)

In this webinar we will explain the main components of PhenoMeNal. We will demonstrate how to register, access existing tools and workflows, create a new PhenoMeNal CRE on Amazon, and execute a workflow on a PhenoMeNal CRE.


More tutorials on PhenoMeNal Software and Workflows are available on YouTube